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Cedric Smalls
President and Founder

Born in a family of Real Estate investors and home improvement connoisseurs, Cedric Smalls, president and founder of Smalls and Brown Construction, LLC, began his tradesman ship in construction around age 14. As he grew older and entered the conventional work field, Cedric acquired many professional designations in the fields of engineering and environmental management from Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of South Carolina. His skills and job performance quickly promoted him to the executive office position of project manager, where he managed residential and commercial projects ranging from Thirty-Thousand to Multi-million dollar operations. At the turn of the century and equipped with the hands on experience, knowledge, and tangible assets, Cedric Smalls launched Smalls and Brown Construction Group.

Tagging the slogan, "Yes, There is a Choice!", Cedric strategically organized a mission to provide quality construction by using the highest grade building materials and applying construction techniques of extra structural reinforcement. Smalls wanted the consumers in the market place to know that there is a company in the industry that cares about the consumer demands for quality construction at a reasonable price. Yes, a community activist, but not a nominee for the job, Cedric Smalls was elected president of a neighborhood homeowner's association where he currently regulates government police power land use activities and leads the decision making process for the neighborhood development plans. There is a saying I often like to quote, "Work ethics and job performance that result consumer satisfaction are elements of a true professional, and still, character speaks louder!"

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